Deploy EV fleets and on-site renewables confidently

ergLocale helps businesses and energy infra developers build profitable EV fleet and renewable energy assets, and make better deals

De-risk your investment

Invest with high confidence, through accurate RoI & pricing insights powered by market-intelligent models.

Accelerate decisions

Reduce wasted efforts and accelerate decisions by leveraging on instant, real-time and local data.

Run smart operations

Run smart operations with advanced analytics, smart payments and eliminate operational downtime.

A critical solution for
EV and Renewable Energy
Buyers & Operators

  • Compare every option with financial-grade analytics combined with local market data
  • Run an efficient RFP process, powered by automation and professional support
  • Track asset performance and scale-up with confidence

A critical solution for
Charging and Renewable Energy

  • Value your asset over its lifetime and optimize your PPA offer
  • Reduce sales costs through actionable market intelligence
  • Improve operational efficiency and eliminate downtime

Compare EVs, charge your fleet, save electricity bills.


Electrify imaginations. Save the planet.

Decarbonize your business

- Build truly sustainable EV charging stations by connecting solar and energy storage and taking advantage of optimal dispatch

Enhance your brand by saving the environment

- We calculate location-specific CO2 savings to help achieve your environmental ambitions

Be at peace

- Our software powers smart load balancing. No blown circuit breakers. Get rid of charger downtimes